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Terri Kersey

Terri Kersey

During a visit to Africa in July 2014, Terri Kersey’s life completely changed. She set out to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and suffered an extensive stroke that caused right side paralysis and loss of speech that she feared would be irreversible. Terri’s husband, Greg, flew to Africa to be by her side until she was stable enough to be Medevac’d back home to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was taken to a local hospital.

Terri’s sister, Rhonda, immediately shifted into overdrive and prepared everyone at home to help support Terri in her recovery.

“I will always be thankful for her help and the generosity of those that I may never meet,” Terri says.

When Terri arrived at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Drake, she could not walk or talk. Her therapy was difficult, but her rehabilitation team encouraged her to keep working hard every day. Her therapist even brought Terri a cup of coffee every morning before she even had to ask. Terri also shared a bond with one of her nurses who had also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro like Terri did. 

Terri Kersey

“My experience at HealthSouth Drake was amazing,” Terri says. “My physician* was my champion. I called him ‘smiley’ because the ties he wore always made me smile.”

Now, Terri can walk and speak clearly with her friends and family. She continues to participate in outpatient therapy and shares her spirit and positive outlook to others as much as she can. 

Terri recommends HealthSouth Drake to everyone in need of physical rehabilitation because of how comfortable and at home she felt during her stay. She will never forget the many happy and upbeat moments she experienced throughout her rehabilitation.

“People tell me that I am an inspiration to them, but I feel God’s hand in every step of my journey,” Terri says. “This is a journey, not a stopping place.”

*The hospital provides access to independent physicians.

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